About Us

Initiated in 2011,gomarket.info is a web shopping that allows its users to save the most. Here you can find the best deals online  market: discounts, promotions, gifts, free products, resources which make money ....


Buying through
gomarket.info  agree to deals just last major brands and shops that sell over the Internet and with whom we have negotiated exclusive deals for our users. We selected and sorted into categories a variety of shops, offers, promotions, coupons, and many more opportunities are on the network so that our users optimize their shopping and squeeze the maximum.


Of course here there are many pages that offer more or less the same. So what makes us different? Well two things:


- The first is that you have all these resources in one place and in an orderly manner. Although internet is very large, we try to strive for maximum number of deals and latest.


- The second difference is THAT MONEY BACK! Our users earn cash for every purchase or registration made in one of our partner stores. No sweepstakes, points or anything similar.


And how can you give back money? It's simple, there are many businesses that pay a commission to make a sale online and 
Gomarket has reached agreements with a variety of shops to sell their products. For every sale that is made through us, we receive a commission and share it with you. So, back up to 50% of the commission to the user who generated.


Of course you still buy in the store ever, simply follow our links to your favorite stores and make your purchase there as always.


But you still have more ways to earn money, how?
gomarket.info  wants to grow and therefore wants to reward users who disclosed this website. If you send an email to a friend or acquaintance with the code we provide and logged in gomarket.info  , becomes your guest and becomes part of your network. So our users are up to 20% of all sales commissions or register to generate your guests, or guests unlimited time. The more guests you have and buy them, receive more commissions.


But besides using discount coupons, buy a product or make a purchase offer group do you also will refund money? If you ALWAYS
gomarket.info money back on every purchase or registration you do, whatever you use discount coupons, buy a product or make a purchase offer on the group. Just look at the conditions that come in the form of the store and see the percentage returns.